Renting a Home? Protect Your Assets with Renter’s Insurance

When you rent a home, condo, or apartment, your landlord is responsible for its upkeep and repairs. Damage to your rental property is generally covered by your landlord’s insurance policy. But what about your personal property? Who’s responsible for your valuables? Why, YOU are, of course. One of the best ways to protect your goods is with renter’s insurance from Highpoint Insurance Group, serving the greater Dadeville, AL community.

About Renter’s Insurance

Renter’s insurance provides an affordable, practical way of protecting your assets from events like theft or fire that can cause financial loss. A typical renter’s insurance policy offers property, liability, and additional living expenses coverage.

Property insurance protects your belongings – clothes, jewelry, furniture, electronics, home goods, appliances, etc. If these goods are stolen, vandalized, or damaged in a disaster, property insurance will help cover their repair or replacement costs.

Liability insurance kicks in when someone has an accident while visiting your rental property. If the accident results in injury, liability insurance will help cover medical costs. Liability insurance will also pay for accidental damage to a visitor’s property, such as a broken laptop or damaged car.  

If your rental home is damaged in a disaster and you need to leave while repairs are made, additional living expenses coverage reimburses you for the costs of living elsewhere during this time.

Why You Need Renter’s Insurance

Life is full of unexpected surprises, good and bad. Renter’s insurance protects you from the unexpected, so you’re not caught completely off guard. If you have valuable possessions, renter’s insurance is a must to avoid financial loss. Even if you live modestly, you can benefit from the financial support that renter’s insurance can provide when you need it most.

Where to Obtain Renter’s Coverage

To purchase a renter’s insurance policy, contact Highpoint Insurance Group. We proudly serve the greater Dadeville, AL region.