I only drive my motorhome once a year. Do I need insurance?

Understanding the Importance of Motorhome Insurance in Dadeville, AL

For many motorhome owners in Dadeville, AL, the freedom to travel while taking their home with them is an unbeatable advantage. However, the actual use of the motorhome may be infrequent, prompting the question — is motorhome insurance necessary or even mandatory? Our Highpoint Insurance Group team is dedicated to helping motorhome owners understand their insurance obligations and determine the best coverage for their unique situation.

What Exactly is Motorhome Insurance?

Owning a motorized recreational vehicle comes with the responsibility of carrying motorhome insurance. This service provides liability coverage and compensation for any damages to your RV and injuries sustained while operating it. However, beyond the legal requirements, there are also several insurance options that are affected by the frequency of use and the intended purpose of the RV.

Do I Even Need Insurance if I Rarely Use My Motorhome?

The simple answer is yes. Being a motorized entity, your motorhome is legally considered a vehicle requiring insurance. Furthermore, liability coverage is also typically required, protecting you if you are found liable for damage to someone else’s property or injuries. This element is similar to how car insurance operates because although your motorhome doubles as a domicile, it still functions primarily as a vehicle. If you have questions about motorhome insurance, feel free to contact us. We’re here to help you understand the law and explore your options.