Do I Need Insurance on My Classic Car?

Whether you need insurance on your classic car – and what kind of insurance you need – depends on a few factors. Highpoint Insurance Group in Dadeville, AL is here to help. Here we explore when you need insurance on your classic car, how to determine what kind of insurance you need, and how to get started. 

When You Need Insurance

State law in Alabama requires anyone who owns a car with four or more wheels to carry liability insurance with certain minimum limits. This ensures that if your vehicle is involved in an accident, injured people and damaged property are covered. 

In some cases, classic cars remain parked. Perhaps you bought a classic car that needs to be restored, and you won’t drive it until the project is done – maybe years from the initial purchase date. While some states may not require coverage on a car in this situation, Alabama law requires that any car you own and register is insured. For this reason, liability insurance is always required on classic cars. 

Types of Classic Car Insurance

When you insure a classic car, you’ll choose between auto insurance and classic car insurance. The difference between the two is that standard auto insurance will only protect your investment in the value of the car using standard calculations, while classic car insurance will insure the total value of the car. Classic cars are often worth more than the standard calculation indicates – and that’s where classic car insurance bridges the gap. 

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The best way to determine the right kind and amount of insurance for your classic car is to meet with a licensed agent who can provide guidance and direction. 

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