FAQs About Watercraft Insurance Policies

Owning a boat or other watercraft can be a great way to enjoy the outdoors and spend time with family and friends. However, it’s important to ensure you have the right insurance in case of an accident or other damage. Highpoint Insurance Group in Dadeville, AL provides some FAQs about watercraft insurance policies to help you make the best decision for your needs. 

FAQs About Watercraft Insurance Policies

1. What Types of Watercrafts Are Typically Covered by Insurance Policies?

The insurer typically determines this, but common types of watercraft usually covered include motorboats, sailboats, jet skis, and pontoon boats. You, therefore, need to check with your insurer to see if your particular type of watercraft is covered.

2. What Does Watercraft Insurance Cover?

Again, this depends on the insurer, but coverage typically includes protection for your watercraft in case of damage or theft and liability coverage in case you injure someone or damage their property.

3. How Much Does Watercraft Insurance Cost?

The cost of your policy will depend on several factors, including the type and value of your watercraft and the amount of coverage you need. You can get an estimate by contacting a few different insurers and requesting quotes.

4. Do I Need Watercraft Insurance If I Don’t Plan on Using My Boat Often?

If you don’t use your boat often, you may not feel the need to have it insured. However, it’s always a good idea to have some form of protection in place in case of an accident or other unforeseen event. Remember, your watercraft still needs insurance even when it’s in storage.

5. Can I Get Insurance for My Watercraft Through My Homeowners Policy?

Some homeowners policies will provide limited coverage for your watercraft, but it’s typically not enough to fully protect you. Getting a separate policy that specifically covers your boat or other watercraft is a good idea.

6. What Are Some Common Exclusions from Coverage?

Most policies will exclude coverage for damage that occurs due to normal wear and tear and any intentional damage you cause. Additionally, many policies will not cover damage that occurs while you are using your watercraft for commercial purposes.

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If you own a boat or other watercraft, it’s important to ensure you have the right insurance. Highpoint Insurance Group can help you find the perfect policy for your needs. Contact us today for a free quote.