Commercial insurance that can help your small business

At Highpoint Insurance Group, serving the greater Dadeville, AL community, we understand the challenges small businesses face every day. Our job as independent insurance agents is to help mitigate some of the risks your business faces, so you can survive if you are ever struck by a covered peril.

The first step is making sure you have the right coverage:

Commercial property insurance

Commercial property insurance can help your business to survive a covered peril. It not only covers the building, if you rent, you don’t insure the building, it covers the things you need to do business. Depending on the type of business you have, it could be plumbing tools and materials, office equipment, machinery for manufacturing, and raw materials or display units for stores. You will be able to replace the things you use and get back to work sooner. 

Commercial liability coverage

Being sued is a distinct possibility when you own a small business. It happens all too frequently and not only can it drain your time, but it can also drain your bank accounts if you don’t have commercial liability insurance protecting you. 

Workers compensation coverage

If your business has five or more full or part-time employees, you need to cover them with workers compensation insurance. It is a good thing for your employees and your business. 

Business interruption coverage

When your business is hit by peril, if you have business interruption insurance, it can help you to survive this time when your income stream may dry up. If you can’t do business, your expenses do not go away. You still need to pay your rent and the salaries of your employees and even your own. Having this insurance can really save your small business. 

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