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Classic Car Insurance

Classic cars have become many people's favorite hobby. At Highpoint Insurance Group, the agents understand how many of their clients feel about their classics. Still, they also know that Alabama residents may be missing out on some crucial information. As a classic car owner, you've invested your hard-earned money in a beautiful vehicle. The least you can do is let yourself enjoy it.

Drive Your Car!

Some classic car owners tend to leave their classic car in storage or the garage. Not driving your vehicle regularly can be considered abusive. If you don't drive your vehicle, the fluids don't circulate, and the moving parts are set in place for long periods. This can cause them to stick or not work correctly on the rare occasion that you take the car out for a spin. Think of your classic car as your body. Your body needs exercise to be healthy. Your vehicle needs to be driven to keep it in good working order.

Protection During Storage

Understandably, sometimes you may need to store your classic car. When that happens, make sure to protect it from rodents and the elements entirely. Cover it with a car cover and make sure the vehicle is adequately secured at all times.

If you live in the Alexander City, Dadeville, Opelika or surrounding areas and are the proud owner of a classic car, call the agents at Highpoint Insurance Group today to get the classic car insurance you need to protect your vehicle. They have several tips you can use to keep your car looking its best for many more years to come. With our years of experience, we can provide you with a policy that will allow you to insure your car and give you the peace of mind you're looking for.


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