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Boat/Watercraft Insurance

Why You Should Have Boat Insurance

Boat and watercraft insurance may not be required in Alabama, but there are some advantages to getting a policy from Highpoint Insurance Group. First, it gives you peace of mind while you enjoy the clear water along the coast. In case of an accident, you will want to replace your vessel or fishing equipment, and this may be difficult without insurance. Medical costs can add up quickly if there is an accident with injuries. If you are responsible for the accident, the cost to repay everything and injuries can be substantial. The dangers aren’t just in the water, and your boat needs protection while on land as well.

Things to Consider with Boat Insurance

An agent at Highpoint Insurance Group can help you decide what type of coverage is right for your boat. Hail damage can be a big concern in Alabama, so you want to make sure your policy covers damage from hail. A lightning strike could also be a concern, so you want to make sure your electronics and equipment are included in the event of this. Tornados are also a concern in the state. There may be navigation limits, so check your policy if you plan on using your vessel in the Gulf. Bass boats should have customized coverage due to high value chartering, navigation systems, fishing equipment, and speed. Bass boats have higher speed limits. High-speed boats also pose a greater risk to insurers, so these are subject to underwriting guidelines.

What Should Boat Insurance Cover?

Your boat insurance in Alabama should cover these basic things.

  • Liability: Your boating insurance should cover your property damage liability and bodily injury liability. This will help prevent you from having to pay for repairs or injuries on your own.
  • Collision: This will cover your boat if you get into an accident. The cleanup of wreckage isn’t included unless you obtain additional coverage.
  • Comprehensive: If your boat is vandalized, stolen, or damaged in the event that isn’t a collision, then this coverage will help cover your cost.
  • Additional Coverage: You can add on different coverage, including damage to a dry dock, fishing equipment, personal property protection, and oil spills.

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