Protect Your Assets with Umbrella Insurance

Do you live in Dadeville, AL? Are you one of the fortunate people that have many assets that need protection? If so, we at Highpoint Insurance Group can help.

Why Umbrella Insurance?

If you cause a major car accident, liability insurance protects you and your family’s finances from a lawsuit. For example, if you crash into another car, your car liability insurance will pay for their medical expenses, property damage, and legal expenses, but only up to your insurance policy limits.

What if the costs incurred exceed the liability limits of your auto insurance policy? That is when umbrella insurance takes over. It provides excess liability insurance, or simply put, additional coverage, beyond the liability coverage limits of your auto insurance policy.

But umbrella coverage is not only additional coverage for your auto policy but also for your home or boat. Think of this coverage as asset protection. It can prevent you from losing all you have worked hard for in the event of a lawsuit.

Here are a few examples of where an umbrella insurance policy could protect you:

  • You are at fault in a serious boating or auto accident. The bills mount up fast, especially if multiple people are involved. Your boating or automobile insurance policy would pay first up to the maximum, then the umbrella insurance policy would pay.
  • What if your dog bites a visitor? Dog bites are covered by a homeowners insurance policy. But if you are sued for an amount in excess of your homeowners’ policy, the umbrella policy would kick in.
  • If you or a family member accidentally injures someone, your umbrella policy will pay when the home or auto insurance is exhausted.
  • If you accidentally drive your car into a building by putting your car in drive rather than reverse, which can happen. It will cause extensive damage to the building. Your auto insurance will pay first, and the umbrella policy will pay second.

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