Commercial Insurance for Small Tourist Businesses in Alabama

Dadeville is in a beautiful part of Alabama, near Lake Martin and the Wind Creek State Park. However, with a population of around 3,200, it is not what one might call a booming metropolis. Nevertheless, it situated in an area that provides a strong attraction for tourists.

Small businesses that work in the tourism industry, such as those that offer guided tours of the nearby area, hunting and fishing trips to Lake Martin, and campouts in the Wind Creek State Park, benefit from having adequate commercial insurance to protect the business and their customers.

Work with an agent at High Point Insurance Group, serving Dadeville, AL, and the surrounding area, to be sure to have adequate protection for workers, vehicles used for the business, equipment, and real property that is owned or leased by the company.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

In the state of Alabama, a business owner must have workers’ compensation insurance if they hire more than four employees. Businesses who hire part-time or seasonal employees are not required to carry workers’ compensation.

Commercial Vehicle Insurance

If you use a vehicle for a business purpose, even if only occasionally, then you need to have commercial vehicle insurance coverage. Be sure to tell your agent who is authorized to drive the vehicle. Do not allow unauthorized persons to use it.

General Liability

Every small business needs general liability insurance to protect the business and the owner from claims for injuries, death, or damage to property caused by the business.

Business Interruption Insurance

A good type of insurance to protect a small business is business interruption insurance. This helps pay the ongoing bills if the company cannot operate normally due to no fault of its owner, such as a temporary stoppage due to a natural disaster.

Other Commercial Insurance

There are many other types of commercial insurance to consider, so talk with your agent at High Point Insurance Group in Dadeville, AL to get a commercial insurance review and a quote for the protection you need.