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Umbrella Insurance

Learn How Umbrella Insurance Makes a Difference

All basic insurances have limits. At first, it may seem those limits are sufficient for your needs. But life is full of surprises, and a lack of insurance is not the kind of surprise you want to experience. Umbrella insurance policies cover where the others leave off. You have fire insurance and flood insurance on your home, but does that insurance cover everything within your home? Your car accidentally hits a lawsuit-friendly set of strangers, so what could that cost you? The Highpoint Insurance Group can provide you with just the right insurance you need.

We can cover you for all your primary insurance needs. However, to meet those unexpectedly high situations nobody wants to contemplate, but life sometimes hits us anyway, we can provide you with an appropriate umbrella insurance policy. Depending upon what you purchase, you could be protected from:

  • Property damage (including garages, barns, tool sheds, etc.)
  • Rental unit damage
  • Legal defense fees
  • Work-related claims
  • Wind damage to neighbor’s properties from flying objects from your property

Some of the most common allegations covered by umbrella insurance include:

  • Teen drivers: Those between 16 and 19 years old are at a risk three times higher than most drivers
  • Intoxicated party folk: If you host a party and a person drives home drunk, causing an accident, you could be found at fault
  • Dog and animal bites: Your pets may be your best friends, but if they bite someone, the costs could be horrible
  • Pain and suffering: If a court decides you are at fault for some incident, things can get ugly. In Alabama, characteristics may differ from what you heard elsewhere

So, if you live in or around Alexander City, Dadeville, or Opelika, be sure to contact us for information about how we can meet all your insurance needs before disaster strikes. We are your Alabama insurance providers.


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